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S’more Wars

S’more Wars

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A sweet and sticky game for the whole family! s’mores Wars is a fast-paced, competitive, card-drafting game of cute food with a dark twist. In a race to collect the perfect s’more, you must SIC marshmallows against your opponents’ to squish, chomp, and toast them before yours are smashed themselves! 3 5 players battle for best ingredients to create the scores with the highest scores. In the end, the player with the most points wins the scores wars! if you like playing rock-paper-scissors or the card Game war or enjoy eating s’mores you'll love this game! • ages 8+, 3 5 players• quick and easy to play and replay (games last 15 30 minutes)• contents: 25 battle cards, 55 ingredient cards, 20 round selection tokens, 5 tiebreaker cards, 1 game board, instructions• perfect for fans of fast-paced card games like go nuts for donuts, sandwich, and sushi go! As well as strategic games like exploding kittens• packaged in a lightweight, travel-friendly box, This is a great portable Game to take camping or on a family vacation or play it at home for a fun yet competitive game night.

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